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Visiting a Japanese Hair Salon

Visiting a Japanese hair salon is a memorable experience. It is known for its professionalism and skill. Each stylist has received a national-recognized hairdressing diploma. In addition to the haircut itself, Japanese salons also offer shoulder massages and neck massages. A visit to a Japanese beauty parlor is an excellent way to experience a different type of culture and to make new friends.

In Japan, the Yen is equivalent to.01 USD, so there is a great deal of room for negotiation. You can even ask if the stylist speaks English if you are unsure of your Japanese. If not, you can ask the stylist to convert the Yen price to USD before you make your final decision. Many stylists speak English and can accommodate expats who have a hard time communicating in Japanese.

If you prefer not to learn Japanese, a Japanese hair salon is a great option. The staff is professional and knowledgeable about basic hair care. You’ll be completely covered with blankets for maximum comfort. You may even be pampered with a complimentary drink while you wait for your turn. A visit to a Japanese hair salon is a very sensual experience. Moreover, you’ll be able to experience the different styles and colors of the salon’s staff.

Before you pay the price for a haircut in a Japanese hair salon, you should be prepared to spend some money. Depending on the style you want, the cost can vary from Y=650 to Y=10000. Don’t worry about paying the stylist a tip; he or she will give you the same service as a Japanese customer. Some salons also offer barber services and eyebrow plucking.

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